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No, seriously: WHAT?!

It's a dream with its own backstory!

Apparently, several weeks before the start of the dream, Michael, Thomas, Fos and I had been hanging out in this garden, and our conversation basically boiled down to "Hey, wouldn't it be funny if we all had a suicide pact?"

At the start of the dream, I'm sitting in the same garden on a lawn chair, not doing much, when I hear a sizzling sound, a snap, and then something breaking. The sound is coming from way off to my left, where there's a shed-type structure. I stand to investigate, and I don't get far before I see that Fos has hanged herself with a piece of electrical wire from one of the eaves of the shed. I scream and run, trying to think of what to do, and I can only come up with two thoughts:
1. Call the coroner
2. We were only joking about the suicide pact!

As I slow down, I realize that I'm going to have to tell Thomas and Michael, but first I'll seek advice from my mom. I go into my parents' house and start finding a whole bunch of comic books that Fos lent me, and I start wondering to whom I should give them; "Will Thomas want these? Will anyone?"

After that it gets a little hazy.

Other dreams from last night include:
* Playing a game with Jess and Joanna that was kind of a cross between Tangrams and the newspaper Jumble that involved large pieces of paper and a ten-sided die. We were in a parking lot. Jess used the pieces of paper to spell out the letters ICTBH after Joanna and I guessed her clues. I figured out that the word she was spelling was Bitch, and decided that when I got my turn, I'd come up with clues that let me spell Whore. I didn't get a turn, though, because they didn't seem to want me to play.
* Learning that I got the lead in a play, and that no one else from Laurel was too happy about it. In this dream, "Oh, February!" and "Oh, Wednesday!" were acceptable outbursts.
* Being able to see through my eyelids and unable to open my eyes, as the light was too bright, and having someone try to cover me up with a huge sheet of brown paper.

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