Lavra (elf_owl) wrote in seemslikeowls,

Not so pleasant dream.

I was on my way to Michael's house. At first, I was walking, in a city that looked nothing like Tucson, though I knew it was Tucson. It was more like an east coast city, but older... The side walks were very crowded and a woman with dark hair was annoying me, but I don't remember why/how. Some of the street names were actual Tucson street names, some were not and those made me feel lost and mildly upset. I was then driving a van and the city looked like an imagined old British city. On the windshield, a man's face popped up. It looked like a cut-out picture, but it moved like it was t.v. I knew it was, in fact, the televised news. He was telling about a man who had killed his two daughters and had been attempting to kill his son when his wife found him in the act and killed him. There was a new version of Chumbawamba's song "Stitch That" playing; they'd adapted it to this situation. I had to move my head around a bunch to see around the face in the windshield so that I could see where I was going. It seemed to take ages to arrive at Michael's. It was a huge relief when I did.

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